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“Trust is the most important characteristic of our practice. We genuinely depend on each other, and we genuinely care about each other and our clients. We believe in advancing the collective group, and in always making the best decision for the project. Trust makes for success.”

Marc Marchant | Healthcare Practice Leader


We are passionate about the process of discovery. From the earliest stages of design through project delivery, we engage with our clients in order to address the unique needs, constraints, and opportunities of each project. We observe, listen, and ask questions. We want to understand your work flow, user groups, project goals, budget, and business model. We want you to enjoy the process.


We respond to the discovery process by using our tool kit of strategies to generate design options. We use evidence-based design, our extensive hands-on knowledge of effective solutions, a series of simulations, and state-of-the art technology to create the best design for your needs.


We want to streamline your operational and functional capacities, improve your bottom line, and allow you to see more patients per hour. We want to provide spaces which facilitate healing, and support physicians, staff, and patients, and visitors on the path to recovery and wellness. We want to help transform your practice.