LS3P’s Diversity + Inclusion (D+I) Advisory Group was founded in the spring of 2020. At this inflection point in our history, we have the opportunity and responsibility to enact meaningful change which embodies LS3P’s Vision, Values, and Mission. This Strategic Plan creates a framework to engage our teams and our communities in intentional ways to advance diversity, inclusion, and equity in the firm and in the profession of architecture. In alignment with LS3P’s Evolution 25 Strategic Plan, the D+I Strategic Plan is organized according to five major focus areas:

Collaborative Engagement


Our Vision: To enhance Evolution25 by focusing on collaboration to leverage the best in everyone and give each team member a sense of ownership in the process.

Key Initiatives: Establish a Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (JEDI) Advocacy Group; Build a Culture of Inclusive Collaboration; Examine Internal Office Resources + Funding

What We’re Doing:

• Adding preferred pronouns to email signatures firmwide

• Tracking important dates for recognitions of diverse groups

• Creating an online form to receive feedback on D+I issues

Community Enrichment


Our Vision: To establish an external platform for advocacy that brings awareness to the needs of the members of the communities we serve and inhabit. We will formalize firm partnerships at the local level that foster long-term relationships with nonprofit organizations, mentorship programs, and community-building initiatives.

Key Initiatives: Enhance Connections with Academia to Help Build a Stronger Pipeline of Talent, Enhance Community-Based Mentorship Opportunities

What We’re Doing:

• Mentoring the next generation of architects through partnerships with NCNOMA, NOMAtlanta, SCCPSS Youth Development Program, and multiple Universities

• Holding annual Juneteenth Celebrations in each of our offices

Design Excellence


Our Vision: To become nationally recognized design leaders and award winners with a commitment to a collaborative design process. Our design process will foster a platform of equitable opportunity for contribution within all levels of LS3P and among our consultants, clients, and vendors.

Key Initiatives: Integrate D+I into Our Design Approach, Expand Our Design Reach, Refine Focus in Our Professional Practice



Our Vision: To strengthen our influence in the Southeast and become regionally and nationally recognized as industry leaders with a continual commitment to D+I. We will cultivate and foster a culture of D+I within LS3P and with all our partners.

Key Initiatives: Create Firmwide Presentation Series on Enriching Diversity of Design Through the Lens of D+I, Educate and Collaborate Across Business and Practice, Viewing Each Decision with a D+I Lens; Create and Evaluate Opportunities for D+I Knowledge Management

What We’re Doing:

• Establishing a bi-monthly roundtable series



Our Vision: To create new ways to diversify thinking within our organization.

Key Initiatives: Enhance Strategies for a Sustainable Talent Pipeline, Develop A Scholarship Program to Benefit Rising Diverse Talent, Partner with Student Organizations, Create a Personal Observance Day, Establish an LS3P Architecture Camp

What We’re Doing:

• Creating firmwide observance days for non-government holidays

• Supporting educational opportunities for NOMA Research Fellows

• Sponsoring NOMA Project Pipeline

• Creating mentorship opportunities through NOMA & ACE

• Creating internship opportunities through Rebuilding Opportunities in Construction (ROC) & Mayor’s Youth Employment Program (MYEP)

Our Commitment


LS3P encourages the use of Women and Minority Business Enterprise (W/MBE) firms on its projects, and we routinely collaborate successfully with a variety of W/MBE subconsultants. Our goal for every project is to assemble the strongest possible team, with proven expertise and experience. We are committed to working with our clients assemble a team that will match their goals, and we will work with contractors to help identify W/MBE subconsultants for their participation during construction as well. The below selection of projects included W/MBE subconsultants on our teams:

Our Dedicated Team


Our JEDI (Justice, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion) Group serves as a firmwide resource for ongoing D+I efforts, guiding LS3P in integrating D+I into the culture of each office and across the firm.

Marc Marchant

Chief Executive Officer / Principal

Emily Dawson

Architect / Senior Associate

Espy Harper

LS3P Innovation Leader / Associate Principal

Neil Dawson

Living Practice Leader / Vice President / Principal

Dan Harrop

Senior Architect / Associate Principal

Shawn Sowers

Higher Education Practice Leader / Principal