At our core, we are a design firm committed to creating architecture that enriches our communities. We find the process of architecture exciting, and we believe our best results are driven by authentic engagement with our clients, colleagues, and stakeholders. Design excellence can be measured in terms of aesthetics, efficiency, return on investment, and effectiveness at addressing a particular challenge; these benchmarks will guide us, but client satisfaction is our true measure of success. Every project is unique, and we are committed to understanding your vision before we draw the first line.


Our Interiors team enjoys the process of translating each client’s singular identity, vision, and project goals into a refined interior environment. LS3P’s in-house interior designers will be a part of the design from the earliest stages of the process to develop a cohesive palette of materials, finishes, and furniture. We strive for beautiful, functional spaces which reinforce each client’s design goals, and will draw upon our extensive experience in using color, light, materials, textures, sustainable finishes, furnishings, and carefully considered layouts to create spaces in which people will thrive.


Our approach to planning is highly interactive. The process begins with  a collaborative visioning process, from which will distill multidisciplinary information to create scenarios which help you plan for long-term vitality and growth while addressing immediate realities. LS3P’s planning work includes diverse civic, parks and recreation, healthcare, workplace, and education clients. Our goals give form to your vision. From determining strategic priorities through recommending a framework for growth.

Urban Environments

LS3P’s Urban Environments practice is purpose-built for positive transformation, focused on impact, and driven by mission. Every project has an impact on, and becomes part of, our shared built environment, and as cities across our region continue to experience rapid growth and economic investment, it is imperative that we engage with the communities across the Southeast to better understand the challenges impacting people’s quality of life and planetary health. It is our responsibility to design buildings, places, and systems that respond to these challenges and transform the urban environment across the Southeast in ways that enable all people and the planet to thrive.

Expanded Services


Branded Environments

Our Branded Environments team integrates typography, color, and form from the earliest project phases and plays a critical role in how we experience, understand, navigate, and interact with our environment. Whether the design creates an experience, celebrates a brand, communicates information, or facilitates wayfinding; our Branded Environments team works closely with clients to bring their unique vision to life.
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LS3P offers complete in-house FF&E services. Our team of experts will work closely with the design team for a streamlined purchasing and installation process; clients find that we can often save them significant time and often cost through negotiating with vendors to procure the right packages at the right price.

Historic Preservation

With many of our own offices located in historically significant neighborhoods across the region, we are highly experienced in working with all stakeholders to design historic preservation, historic renovation, and adaptive re-use projects which are sensitive to context while serving as a thriving part of the modern built environment. We are well-versed in applying the Secretary of Interior’s Standards for Restoration and Rehabilitation and the challenges and processes which are particular to historic preservation, including a vast resource of knowledge regarding appropriate preservation methods, the sensitive installation of current systems in historic fabric, and designing for both immediate needs and long-term vision.


High performance sustainable design is a cornerstone of our practice, and we implement sustainable strategies within every project that support the triple bottom line: “people, planet, and profits.” For clients interested in third-party rating systems for building certification, we offer significant expertise in delivering LEED, Green Globe, WELL, and other high performance rating systems. We will assist you in determining the appropriate strategies for your goals and budget, and help you navigate the process from conceptual design through documentation and building commissioning.
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Your brand is the heart and soul of your project. We are highly experienced at translating recognizable brand elements into three-dimensional space to celebrate and communicate your unique organizational identity to clients, visitors, and staff. Our team can also work with you to define your branding goals, develop a logo, create a color palette, select typography, and create brand guidelines; we will compile the concepts behind your brand into one document to use when developing visuals, marketing, and communicating your brand to team members and the public.

Facilities Assessments

Our team is highly experienced in conducting facilities assessments at all scales, from single buildings to large campuses. We are adept at leading cross-disciplinary teams including maintenance personnel, structural and MEP engineers, designers, cost estimators, and other stakeholders to assess building conditions and make recommendations for addressing issues. Based on Facility Condition Index (FCI) scores for all buildings, we help clients prioritize future work based on need, observed deficiencies, and remaining useful life.

Move Management

We have assisted many clients with move management services. Our designers will work with you to develop a strategic road map for each stage of your project. The discovery process will include research into, and recommendations for, possible departmental functions to be relocated, required spaces and adjacencies, support spaces and equipment, and furnishings. We will provide test fits for refined programmatic requirements, work closely with your department to create a budget and schedule for potential changes, and assist you in navigating the move management from inception to completion.