Knowledge Teams


LS3P’s Knowledge Teams draw from a deep reservoir of expertise, talent, and passion to advance design excellence firmwide. Focused on design, sustainability, interiors, innovation, and risk management, these teams generate and disseminate knowledge to elevate our practice in every market sector.


The Advance Knowledge Team is dedicated to elevating quality. With a mission to “reinvigorate LS3P’s approach to quality and provide technical resources to the firm, the team focuses on continuous improvement in the delivery process for all project types and scales.


Supporting LS3P’s vision to foster design excellence, the Alchemy Knowledge Team encourages a design philosophy that every project, no matter how big or how small, is an opportunity for design excellence. The team’s mission is to create a culture of design and actualize design leadership systems throughout the firm.


LS3P’s “virtual innovation lab” is dedicated to supporting firmwide innovation and research efforts focused on streamlining internal processes. solving problems for clients, and advancing knowledge in the architectural industry.


The Image Knowledge Team is dedicated to enhancing LS3P’s Interiors practice. The team’s mission is to develop and disseminate world-class interiors expertise to project teams firmwide, integrating interior strategies from the earliest stages of architectural design for a holistic, thoughtful, client-centered interior environment.


LS3P’s Integrate Knowledge Team advocates for and facilities high performance design. With a mission to lead the firm in advancing responsible and sustainable design practices, the team creates a resource-rich culture where high performance design and respect for ecology are valued as essential aspects of every project.