Self Regional Healthcare Main Hospital

Greenwood, SC

Self Regional Healthcare (SRH) decided to make significant improvements to their facilities with a series of complex renovation projects within the hospital to face the challenges future healthcare needs with simultaneous goals of improving wayfinding, and of demolishing approximately 63,700 SF of its original facility in order to reduce operational costs. SRH, Rodgers Builders, and LS3P pieced together the puzzle to accomplish the goal, starting with building a Support Service Center (65,180 SF) near the main hospital housing the non-healthcare provider services. Next came a series of many complicated moves including relocating the Main Electrical / Switchboard Rooms (900 SF), relocating a Cysto Room/OR Storage (1,100 SF), relocating the Endoscopy Suite (7,700SF) and is freed up for a new Non-Invasive Cardiology Services/Patient Access (15,600 SF). Locating these services closer patient entrances allowed better outpatient access and staff flow to Surgery. Staff circulation between the second floors of the Patient Tower to the north and the main hospital were improved by providing a new bridge connection (1,190 SF). The employee pharmacy(1,805 SF) and an Flex Support office suite (4,000 SF) were also relocated to the second floor. The gift shop will be moved to a more centralized location (550 SF) and outdoor space enclosed to create a “front door” administrative office area (3,630 SF).

The Cafeteria Relocation (11,980 SF) moves the Dining experience from the second floor to the first floor and includes new storefront directly off of the renovated 1st floor Main Corridor which will improve access for staff, visitors, and the public to the Café and Newer 2006 Patient wing. This allows for the Lab consolidation/relocation (approx. 15,700 SF) in the vacated Café space. With “Old Main” demolition new façades will enclose the east and west towers. Moving the Lab makes room for a future project relocating the remote Pharmacy from the 6th floor and clears the way for the upcoming demolition of the second oldest structure on campus.