New Hanover Regional Medical Center Inpatient Tower Addition

Wilmington, NC

This three-floor, 108-bed inpatient tower expansion was built over an existing surgical pavilion. The patient-centered design includes large windows for natural light and views and separate caregiver and family spaces with sleeper sofas. A spacious family lounge also captures expansive views to reduce stress and create a more welcoming environment. To make it easier for recovering patients to exercise, the support core minimizes openings from the corridor to maintain longer expanse of handrail for patients to use while walking, and ‘park benches’ located off the corridor allow patients to sit and rest after walking instead of having to return directly to the room.

The design also focuses on efficiency for the healthcare providers. Three nurse stations per floor divide each floor into “neighborhoods” that allow shorter walking distances, better visual control, and easy access to support spaces. Alcoves at each patient room provide charting space and include a window with integral blinds so the nurses can check on patients without entering the room. For efficiency, economy, and ease of installations, standardized bathroom “pods” were manufactured offsite and placed into the patient rooms nearly complete.


RECOGNITIONS: 2021 Gold Award for Building/Technology Systems