Greenville Hospital System MD360

Simpsonville, SC

This 14,000 SF prototype for the Greenville Hospital System proposes a new model for urgent care. This model is conceived as a “threshold” or “access point,” and is designed to be located in transitional neighborhoods between commercial zones and residential communities. Serving as an entry point into the comprehensive health care system, the goal of this type of facility is to treat those in need of immediate care near their homes and workplaces. Familiar architecture, welcoming landscapes, open interiors, and well-lit spaces are just a few of the features designed to reduce stress for patients and their families.

This prototype includes urgent care exam rooms, specialty procedure rooms, x-ray rooms, laboratories, patient service areas, and physical therapy spaces. The facility also provides a community room for health education programs, community outreach, and preventative health clinics so that this arm of the health care system may better serve as a neighborhood resource. Patient approachability and accessibility, efficient practice flow, maximum flexibility, maximum visibility, and a continued focus on enhanced safety and quality of care were all critical aspects of the design.


SF: 14,000