WakeBrook Behavioral Health Facility

Raleigh, NC

This residential facility seeks to provide care in a welcoming, non-institutional setting. The owner and designers collaborated to incorporate best practices for mental health treatment facilities in the design, with the ultimate goal of providing spaces with tranquility, familiarity and dignity. Architectural priorities included increased access to natural spaces in order to reduce stress, security which is subtle yet strong, and enhanced visibility for staff observations and patient safety.

Visual qualities throughout the campus are familiar and comforting without appearing clinical. Spaces are warm and human-scale, while retaining the flexibility required for diverse patient needs. Designers divided the program into two smaller buildings, with patient areas radiating from central nursing stations and public areas. Large glass window openings provide natural light and a connection to nature, while the articulation of the brick and stone façade breaks down the massing of the buildings and creates a welcoming point of entry. These strategies give the buildings a feeling of familiarity, warmth, and comfort in order to promote healing, avoiding a clinical stigma while maintaining the functionality required for security and effective treatment.


SF: 60,000