Roper St. Francis Healthcare Office Park

North Charleston, SC

The Roper St. Francis Office Park consists of 3 buildings to provide administrative support to one of the region’s premier healthcare providers. The Data Center was completed in 2012 and centralizes IT equipment and operations under a single roof, providing increased reliability and resiliency while reducing overall operation costs. The first of 2 proposed office buildings is currently under construction with a scheduled December 2015 completion date. The 5-story, 130,000 SF structure will house over 600 people in 19 departments which are currently housed at a variety of leased offices throughout Charleston County.

Bringing the 19 departments together will allow for increased communication, collaboration, and operational synergies. Savings from lease payments and utilities will offset the land and construction costs within the established time frame. Each department will enjoy the benefits a customized suite consisting of open office work stations, enclosed manager offices and conference rooms, work rooms, and a pantry. Each suite has access to daylight and natural views, temperature control, adjustable lighting, and acoustical enhancements.

The building will also house organization-wide classrooms, seminar rooms, and training rooms, each with customized audio-visual systems to enhance face-to-face and remote participation. Shared amenities include a café, fitness room with showers and lockers, and walking trails, all in support of the corporate Wellness Program.

The program for the second office building has not been determined and provides future flexibility for the organization as it prepares for strong continued regional population growth.