Designs for Better Communities

Our Urban Environments practice is energized by solving cities’ toughest challenges. We bring together the intelligence of policy & planning, architecture & design, and development & real estate under one roof to supercharge our three core areas of expertise: Urban Design, Urban Planning, and Large-Scale Mixed-Use Design.


We sculpt cityscapes and neighborhoods with precision, seamlessly blending form and function to create vibrant, sustainable environments that inspire and connect diverse communities.


We navigate the complexities of spatial organization, land use, and infrastructure, shaping cohesive cities and places that optimize efficiency, resilience, and quality of life.


We envision large-scale mixed-use projects and master plans that weave together diverse elements – residential, commercial, and recreational spaces – into harmonious, integrated communities that redefine the way we live, work and play.

Featured Team Members

Allison Marble

Urban Designer I

Ashleigh Ogden

Emerging Professional / Urban Designer

Brooke Young

Urban Designer I

Kara O’Hearn

Urban Designer

Michael Southard

Urban Designer III

Michael Wagner

Senior Designer / Senior Associate

Neha Baraskar

Senior Urban Designer

Nick Bilgri

Architect / Associate