Rea Farms

Charlotte, NC

Rea Farms has been envisioned and carefully Master Planned as a highly integrated mixed-use development comprised of single family residential, multi-family residential, office, retail and restaurant, recreational and educational/institutional uses that will serve as a town center for the Providence Road/I-485 area of Southeastern Mecklenburg County.

Through the use of traditional town planning principles, including a regular street grid network and intentionally designed public gathering spaces, Rea Farms will provide a high level of vehicular and pedestrian connectivity between the various use components internal to the site and the adjoining single family neighborhoods to the north and east.

During the rezoning process, LS3P worked closely with planning/city engineering and local neighborhood interest groups to develop a framework that allowed Rea Farms to develop at the market allowed while maintaining adherence to the vision of a true “Town Center” on the old golf course site.