Copper District Master Plan

North Carolina

This transformative, mixed-use district connects a legacy of community and farming with a future of curated and dynamic spaces. The Copper District includes offices, shopping, dining, and a rich variety of housing options, making a home for residents in every phase of life and cultivating a robust sense of community.

Our team is developing visionary ideas to establish a new 360-acre mixed-use district. The Copper District will establish a vibrant and active main street corridor, boasting new commercial and residential amenities for the area. Civic and community amenities welcome all of the town to the district, providing key necessities like grocery stores, elementary schools, and ample public space. The district is woven together through a robust greenway network, promoting a highly-walkable and connected place.

Within this work, our team is playing a critical role in connecting the goals of the municipality and the developer. In support of the municipality, we are putting clear design guidelines around the development to maintain the unique identity this district has fostered. In support of the developer, we are shaping a detailed master plan that guides the full build-out of real estate opportunities and the design of projects so that individual investments add up to a cohesive destination district.