Horizon District Masterplan

Charleston, SC

LS3P began working with MUSC on a conceptual design for a new research building that would implement the first phase of this multi-phase development.

The master plan for the Horizon District envisions a vibrant urban mixed-use neighborhood with retail, commercial office, research office, residential uses, and public parks. The plan’s framework is organized around views of the Ashley River; major new public park network through the site; connectivity of the site to it its surrounding neighborhoods; new commercial retail oriented street at the southern end of the site; research office oriented area near the center of the site; and creation of a great residential address along the Ashley River.

The plan connects the site to its surrounding neighborhoods including the Citadel to the north, a residential neighborhood to the east, and the Medical University of South Carolina to the south.

The development of the site and buildings will include green design principles, sustainable materials, maintainable infrastructure systems, and public transportation access. The residents and neighboring community will have access to all of the amenities included in an urban mixed-use development, including close access to work, schools, retail shops (grocery stores, drug stores, clothing, furniture, misc. goods), restaurants, and entertainment.