Allison Marble

Urban Designer I

Allison Marble, Assoc. AIA is an urban designer in LS3P’s Urban Environments practice. She brings a background in architectural design, urban planning, and landscape design and desires to shape the built environment in a manner that promotes equity by responding to cities’ social, economic, and environmental challenges. Her passion for sustainability and resiliency for future growth drives her eagerness to understand the complex interwoven issues that cities face. In her career thus far, she has worked on various small to large-scale projects in urban design, mixed-use environments, and the public realm through the lens of landscape architecture and planning.

Allison holds a Bachelor of Architecture with a concentration in Urban Design, Green Building Practices, and Environmental Resiliency as well as a Bachelor of Environmental Design in Architecture with a minor in Landscape Architecture from North Carolina State University. She has completed studies in Prague, Czech Republic, examining sustainability factors in the city’s urban fabric while creating suitable design solutions based on a keen understanding of historical and cultural conditions.