Wilmington, NC

RiverLights is a community with three miles of direct river frontage along the Cape Fear River. Its 1,300 acres and 2,290 units have been carefully planned through product segmentation and land use to focus on connectivity: connections to water, to nature, to neighbors, to special places.

Throughout the property will be “beacons of light,” replicas of the old river lights that were used to guide sailors through the precarious waters of the river, which will now be used to assist residents in navigating the places around the community.

The community will reflect a riverfront and natural lifestyle with focus on open green spaces, nature trails, and historical relevance to the Wilmington area.

There will be a village center that will serve as the hub of the community—the heart and soul—envisioned as a thriving hub with retail shops, grocer, bookstore, post offi ce, and restaurants, along with programmed activities such as art shows and wine tastings.

The community includes distinctive neighborhoods of single-family and attached homes refl ecting historical Lowcountry architecture. Authenticity and understated elegance will rule the designs. As with any thoughtfully planned community, the lifestyle will truly be the defi ning factor. RiverLights will offer its residents the opportunity to live life at their very best—cultural activities, a thriving historical town and beautiful beaches.