UNC Greensboro Nursing & Instructional Building Focus on the Framework UNC Greensboro’s new 180,000 SF Nursing & Instructional Building is tailor-made to support the wide variety of instructional modalities required for an intensive, hands-on nursing, health sciences, and sciences education. Designed by LS3P in association with SmithGroup, the building provides state-of-the-art simulation, research, and classroom space for UNCG’s School of
Higher Education College & University Portfolio Colleges and universities encompass a multifaceted student experience. A thriving campus supports academics, social opportunities, athletics, and professional development within a diverse community of learners; we design buildings that foster community, strengthen interaction between students and faculty, and encourage learning and leadership. Read more...
Energy + Architecture: Higher education Colleges and universities are cathedrals for learning, incubating a scientific, artistic, humanistic, economic future for the planet. These places for innovation and independence provide opportunity to model possibility and demonstrate systems thinking in a way that builds upon culture, ecology, and prosperity. Every institution of higher education is an ecosystem. It is an academic environment
Clemson University Wilbur O. and Ann Powers College of Business AIA Focus on the Framework   A business school is a future-focused proposition. Students in business programs are emerging leaders, entrepreneurs, strategists, and problem solvers; their education needs to prepare them for collaboration on an interpersonal, organizational, and global scale. Clemson University wanted to build a new business school facility
Community and Technical College Experience Successful community and technical college designs are more than “brick and mortar” solutions. These facilities welcome the campus community and provide accessible, affordable education geared toward student success. They house the specialized laboratories and equipment that help to build up local and regional workforces, preparing students for highly skilled jobs in high demand. They are
Rising Demand, Growing Opportunities Allied Health Career Training Programs According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, jobs in the healthcare profession are anticipated to grow 14% by 2028, creating approximately 1.9 million new jobs and making it the fastest growing industry in the nation. Meeting this demand will require a pipeline of talent, technical and community colleges across the country
Future Forward: Advanced Manufacturing Training Facilities Create Real Results for a New Economy In a rapidly changing economy, one truth unites people across the country: more jobs - and better jobs - are a good thing for everyone. When companies bring new jobs to an area, this job growth not only benefits employees, but also creates ripple effects that extend
Building Towards the Future Aeronautical Training Center at Trident Technical College According to the South Carolina Department of Commerce, in 2019 the aerospace industry employed over 22,000 South Carolinians at 400 firms, with a statewide impact of $19 billion a year. Much of that activity has been driven by Boeing, which located its 1.2 million SF 787 Dreamliner final assembly
Physical Distancing in Formal Campus Learning Spaces As higher education institutions work through the endless logistics of returning to campus, all are facing common problems including incorporating physical distancing guidelines set forth by the CDC and public health experts. Formal learning spaces, including classrooms, lecture halls, and seminar rooms, can meet these guidelines at lower occupancies than their design capacities.
Too Many Cooks in the Kitchen - No Such Thing Modern Food Culture and the Rapid Rise of Culinary Arts Education Facilities Weary of convenience foods, tired of rushing through unsatisfying meal times, and craving something more nourishing to both body and spirit, people at dining tables across the country are rebelling one plate at a time. They’re willing to