Future Forward Create Real Results for a New Economy

Advanced Manufacturing Training Facility

The Reality

Our global economy pulls Americans in many directions, but one truth unites people across the country: more jobs – and better jobs – are a good thing for everyone. Job growth benefits not only employees, but also their families, their communities, their cities, and their regions.

Good jobs in some industries, of course, have been harder to come by lately. Hot-button issues such as industrialization and globalization are at the forefront of our national economic conversation, and while many industries are booming, others have never recovered from the 2008 recession. A four-year college degree is an unattainable goal for many people, but job opportunities for those without a college education are shrinking, and available jobs may not afford the same middle-class standard of living as similar jobs in the past. Numerous studies report that the millennial generation is, in fact, on track to be the first generation to be economically worse-off than their parents.

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