Clemson University Wilbur O. and Ann Powers College of Business

AIA Focus on the Framework


A business school is a future-focused proposition. Students in business programs are emerging leaders, entrepreneurs, strategists, and problem solvers; their education needs to prepare them for collaboration on an interpersonal, organizational, and global scale.

Clemson University wanted to build a new business school facility that would reflect this new paradigm, with leading-edge spaces designed for an evolving future. The proposed site for this contemporary building, however, was rooted in campus history. The building, the first academic structure in this part of campus in over a century, would front historic Bowman Field. This field was the site of the University’s first athletic event (a baseball game against Furman University in 1896), and had long served as a campus anchor hosting events from intercollegiate sports to campus social activities. Any interventions in that context require extreme care.

LMN, a Seattle-based architecture firm with a deep portfolio of business school designs, teamed with architecture, interiors, and planning firm LS3P to design the solution.

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