Energy + Architecture: Higher education

Colleges and universities are cathedrals for learning, incubating a scientific, artistic, humanistic, economic future for the planet. These places for innovation and independence provide opportunity to model possibility and demonstrate systems thinking in a way that builds upon culture, ecology, and prosperity.

Every institution of higher education is an ecosystem. It is an academic environment with specific needs for research, thought leadership, and growth. It is a physical place that inspires and protects. It is people who have come together to share knowledge and learn from each other. It is a financial machine that must find balance at the end of each fiscal quarter. None of these systems can stand alone.

We are faced with a global climate emergency that requires significant response, either as mitigation or as reaction to ongoing changes in weather patterns, species diversity, economic fluctuation, and human will. LS3P has designed places for people and planet since 1963, and we have built a remarkable team of experts in higher education focused on design for sustainability, stability, and resilience.

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