Library Experience

LS3P’s commitment to engaging with our clients, their communities, and the issues they face reflects our passionate investment in client success. We bring the right people to a project and foster engagement among team members and the community, creating a unifying point of departure that opens the path to design free of aesthetic preconceptions or predefined styles. For each market we serve, our professionals use expertise-based, market-specific tools that foster collaboration, creativity and insight across the team and the entire project delivery process. We engage because we believe the problem-solving nature of architecture should inspire and energize all participants.

LS3P is dedicated to design excellence in both experience and form. We see the design process as an opportunity to bring delight, value and meaning beyond client expectations. Our design work is driven by market-specific expertise and awareness that represents stewardship of resources and the future of our clients and communities. The projects we create allow clients to achieve their goals, whether through transformational spaces, award winning design, operational efficiencies, environmental stewardship or economic sustainability. Our approach to design allows clients to move into the future with greater confidence, vision and speed.

For LS3P, the idea of transformation is a call to advance clients through a process and approach that culminates in better projects and enriched experiences for individuals, organizations and communities. Transformation means that our designs have lasting impact. Clients realize dramatic improvements in capacity, efficiency, effectiveness and enjoyment through the experience and operation of their project. The greatest testament to the success of LS3P’s work goes beyond the organizational, operational and business stewardship we provide—it is in our enduring client relationships.

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