Traditional Faith-Based Project Overview

LS3P is extremely passionate about working with Faith clients to design inspiring, timeless facilities for worship. Our significant portfolio of traditional church designs is rooted in the heritage, values, and beliefs which make each faith community unique.

Using classic architectural details and established forms, we are highly skilled at creating spaces which are welcoming, familiar, and enduring. Nationally, we have completed over 400 faith-based projects, and we are honored by the trust our Faith clients have placed in our proven process, our commitment to design excellence, and most importantly, our client relationships.

Over 560 design awards

Established in 1963, LS3P is a multi-disciplinary firm offering architecture, interior architecture, and planning services to a wide variety of clients nationwide. Central to all regions of the Southeast with offices in the Carolinas and Georgia. LS3P is committed to bringing state-of-the-art design, technology, and expertise of a strong regional firm closer to our clients on a local level. We have an excellent reputation for project success; however, we are most proud of our longstanding relationships, and the fact that over 80% of our work is for repeat clients.

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