Coffee with Hope on the Side Community Matters Cafe A passerby on West First Street strolling along in search of food and coffee may stumble across a charming café and choose to dine there. Inside, though, they’ll find much more than delicious food and beverages: Community Matters Café offers a sense of renewed possibility to the people who work there.
Nourishing the Body & Spirit Fork and Plough Despite the rise of supermarkets and impersonal digital grocery shopping, many still recall fondly weekly trips to the local grocery shop and butcher as intimate social events grounded in personal relationships and trust. While picking up ingredients to nourish loved ones around the dinner table, you might have a chance encounter with
Local Food Revolution Daniel Reed Hospitality One of the best aspects of practicing architecture is that every day is different. Likewise, every client is different. Building authentic partnerships with clients, in fact, is one of the most rewarding parts of the job. Some clients come with the germ of an idea and want to turn it over to the architect
Cup of Joy Bitty and Beaus What makes us happy? In the short term, our answers may vary - a new car, a big trip, your team winning the championship, an ice cream cone on a summer day - all of which bring momentary delight. In the long term, however, what makes us happy is surprisingly universal. The ancient Greeks defined
Brawl Proof Two Keys Public House A good barroom brawl is the stuff of legend, whether it’s captured in song or on film. Consider the lyric “And then a hush fell over the pool room,” just before an epic showdown between a New York pool hustler and the country boy who comes to get his money back in “You Don’t