Nourishing the Body & Spirit

Fork and Plough

Despite the rise of supermarkets and impersonal digital grocery shopping, many still recall fondly weekly trips to the local grocery shop and butcher as intimate social events grounded in personal relationships and trust. While picking up ingredients to nourish loved ones around the dinner table, you might have a chance encounter with neighbors at the local grocery store that nourished the spirit. And if you had questions about produce or meat choices, you could ask the butcher or grocer directly for their trusted knowledge.

A contemporary dining experience that conjured that same nostalgic relationship with food centered on care, community, and trust was exactly what chef Shawn Kelly and his partners Roddy Pick and Chad Bishop of Greenbriar Farms envisioned for the Greenville’s Fork and Plough. After serving as the executive chef at Charleston’s upscale High Cotton, Shawn felt drawn to creating a more approachable dining experience with high quality, locally sourced, seasonal ingredients. Friends Roddy and Chad, owners of Greenbriar Farms, shared Shawn’s enthusiasm for high quality seasonal food made accessible to the community. In fact, Roddy and Chad had long been committed to using food as a practice of community engagement, hosting a back-porch music series on their farm which introduced attendees to a range of local foods and rotating local musicians. With their visions and passions aligned, together the three embarked on a new food journey. Once they found a location in the historic Overbrook neighborhood–a building that was fittingly a former grocery store–the elements began to fall slowly into place.

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