The Southeast's Affordable Housing Crisis by Andrea L. Gomez, National Organization of Minority Architects (NOMA) Fellow, with guidance from LS3P Rising land values, stagnant working class wages, lack of transportation options, zoning laws, “not in my backyard” mentalities, gentrification, reverse white flight or new attraction to urban living, developers not partaking, and lack of federal funding are just some factors
Putting It All on the Line Skygarden Apartments Designing buildings for the present tense is a substantial task. Designing buildings which also honor a rich, storied past adds another element of complexity. Designing a building which accommodates the present, the past, and an evolving civic future? That challenge can bring exciting opportunities which elevate a design to the next level.
The Architecture of Compassion Homelessness, Housing and Hope Homelessness is a complicated issue, one that touches people of every age and race, and from every state in the nation. A third of homeless people are in families with children. Many are youth living on their own, or veterans, or people with disabilities. Some are employed. People may experience a brief
Contemporary Design Thinking in Action Laurel Ridge Renovation Imagine, for a moment, you’re back in high school. It’s prom night. You’re putting the final touches on your outfit. Maybe you’re adjusting the wide lapels of your powder blue tux, or snapping on the enormous bow on your pink satin dress with the puffed sleeves. You may be using your second