Contemporary Design Thinking in Action

Laurel Ridge Renovation

Imagine, for a moment, you’re back in high school. It’s prom night. You’re putting the final touches on your outfit. Maybe you’re adjusting the wide lapels of your powder blue tux, or snapping on the enormous bow on your pink satin dress with the puffed sleeves. You may be using your second can of AquaNet to ensure your “Flock of Seagulls” hair makes it through the evening, or perhaps you’re applying iridescent blue eyeshadow.

You looked good.

The thing is, styles change. You can box up your old prom gear for a retro costume party one day- but what happens when the eras come and go and leave your house behind? That’s a little harder to pinpoint as it happens, and a little more complicated to fix.

However, if you should wake one morning and stumble into your kitchen, turn on the light, and slowly realize with horror as you drink your coffee that your cabinets are from the seventies, your color scheme is from the eighties, and your appliances are from the nineties, it may be time for an overhaul.

It’s a good thing John Edwards is here to help.

John leads Neal Prince Studio, LS3P’s boutique residential design practice housed in the Greenville office.  In over 25 years in residential architecture, he’s seen it all, from small-scale bungalows to expansive luxury mountain retreats. He’s also an expert on bringing a dated space into the modern era, and he’s not stingy with his expertise.

John recently wrote a piece for At Home Magazine in which he shared his nine best pieces of advice for kitchen transforming a kitchen from outmoded to modern. Kitchens are something we can all relate to personally, at whatever scale or budget; talking about kitchen design is a good way to get people talking about design, period.

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