Movement of Change Movement School Movement Mortgage has never been particularly interested in playing by everybody else’s rules. Founded in South Carolina in 2008 at the height of the financial crisis, the company decided from the beginning to do things differently, and to put people first. The company’s mission, “We exist to love and value people by leading a Movement
The Heart of a Community North Ridge Elementary School A school is an integral part of its community. This is particularly true for elementary schools, which bring together not only students and staff but also a small army of parents, volunteers, and siblings whose daily rhythms harmonize with the school day. School pick-up and drop-off in a tightly knit community
Six Feet Apart, Together Maximizing Your Current Schools While Physical Distancing School systems around the nation are grappling with the complexities of opening their facilities to varying degrees this fall. Doing so as safely as possible will require creative solutions to implement CDC and other public health guidelines for physical distancing, face coverings, handwashing, and operational strategies for continuous cleaning.
Glow-Up: Celebrating Girl Power Girls Leadership Academy of Wilmington First generation college students often begin their educations with a mountain to climb. They may not have the same financial resources as their counterparts with a family history of higher education. They may not have the same frameworks for navigating challenges, and they may not have access to the same levels
Here Comes the Sun College Park Elementary School Those who live at the coast are no stranger to Mother Nature. They are attuned to the tides, can probably tell you which fish are biting today, and know how to “keep a weather eye on the horizon.” These skills become particularly important during the months from June to November: hurricane season.
Vacant to Vibrant Vernon Malone College and Career Academy Share a Coke. An empty building, formerly a Coca-Cola bottling plant, languished in a South Raleigh neighborhood. The neighborhood bore the burden of this lost building, occupying valuable land on a downtown corridor but devoid of activity. Meanwhile, a significant number of high school students occupied nearby classrooms, not fully participating in
R2i2: Institute of Innovation Richland Two Institute of Innovation Destination: Innovation A hundred years ago, most graduates seeking employment could rely on a dependable set of skills: reading, writing, and arithmetic. Specialized training was necessary for some professions, to be sure, but even in those fields, the body of knowledge you needed wasn’t likely to change much over time. Fast-forward
Pushing the Envelope Diamond Elementary School Pushing the Envelope The US Department of Defense is a massive organization. Overseeing the military departments of the Joints Chiefs of Staff as well as the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, and Coast Guard, the DoD employs over 3,000,000 employees across every time zone and in every climate. A substantial number of these employees
A Penny Well Spent Memminger Elementary School Turns out it’s worth a lot, if it comes in the form of the One Cent Sales Tax implemented by Charleston County in 2010. Those pennies have added up to a $450 million, 5-year building program funding a number of public projects, starting with the recapitalization of 4 historic Charleston school campuses. Historic
When Opportunity Knocks The Center for Advanced Studies at Wando High School When Charleston County School District built Wando High School in Mt. Pleasant, SC in 2001, the campus was created for a 3,000 student population filled with high achievers. College-bound students, mostly upper middle class, were filling the school’s Advanced Placement courses, participating in extracurricular activities, and enjoying the