Glow-Up: Celebrating Girl Power

Girls Leadership Academy of Wilmington

First generation college students often begin their educations with a mountain to climb.

They may not have the same financial resources as their counterparts with a family history of higher education. They may not have the same frameworks for navigating challenges, and they may not have access to the same levels of academic and professional mentorship to guide them.

Worse: these students may suffer from lowered expectations, both from the educational and societal systems that surround them, and from the scarcity of role models who once stood in their shoes and can show them where opportunities exist. Representation matters.

As the first single-gender charter school in North Carolina, GLOW is dedicated to preparing each of its middle and high school students for college and beyond. The school aims not only to provide a rigorous middle and high school education, but also to give students and their families the tools needed for the girls to enroll in college, excel, graduate, and become successful members of their communities.

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