Healthcare by Design Medical Office Buildings In this evolving healthcare climate which relies increasingly on outpatient care, spaces designed for maximum efficiency, flexibility, and patient comfort are critical to project success. The health care market encompasses diverse populations, and different practices will have very different needs; however, working within proven design parameters, we can tailor a Medical Office Building’s design
Healthcare: Spaces Designed for Healing Healthcare Overview LS3P is an architecture, interiors, and planning firm celebrating over 58 years of design excellence. With deep regional roots and a national reach, we offer large-firm expertise and resources with small-firm relationships and service. At our core, we are a design firm, dedicated to engaging people in the process of architecture to create
Outpatient Healthcare A New Medical Home for Patients and Community Care Settings Outpatient healthcare helps to shift the focus from hospital-scale to patient-scale. In addition to making lower-acuity procedures less stressful and more accessible, medical office buildings can play a critical role in wellness and preventative care through education and other programs. Our current healthcare landscape will continue to rely
Rising Demand, Growing Opportunities Allied Health Career Training Programs According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, jobs in the healthcare profession are anticipated to grow 14% by 2028, creating approximately 1.9 million new jobs and making it the fastest growing industry in the nation. Meeting this demand will require a pipeline of talent, technical and community colleges across the country
Cybernetic Care Blurring the Line Between Telehealth and In-Person Care Due to COVID-19, telehealth evolved from a luxury to the preferred method for routine care in the United States.  This revealed opportunities to use our digital tools in more efficient ways. Cybernetics, the driving concept behind artificial intelligence, integrated with healthcare delivery will entirely overhaul the system: eliminating waiting rooms,
Sailing New Waves MUSC Health R. Keith Summey Medical Pavilion A trip to a surgical center can be a bewildering experience that combines the emotional stress of treating an injury or illness with practical hassles such as navigating traffic and finding parking in unfamiliar territory. The anxiety can be exponentially greater for pediatric patients and their families. In developing the
Getting to the Heart of the Matter New Hanover Regional Medical Center Heart Center Healthcare can be stressful. For patients dealing with the emotions and physical constraints of a new diagnosis, navigating through a medical facility can be an anxiety-ridden experience.  Unfortunate details such as inconvenient parking, confusing signage, or a badly-lit institutional aesthetic all compound the stress of an
A Healing Journey New Hanover Regional Medical Center Zimmer Cancer Center For those facing a diagnosis of cancer, new research, treatment protocols, and technology offer more hope than ever before. With leading-edge research and new therapies being discovered every day, the odds of healing and recovery after cancer are very optimistic. Improved treatment options offer hope and reassurance, but facing an
Every Drop Counts Renewable Water Resources Laboratory & Environmental Education Center Most of us start our days with water. We drink it, shower in it, and use it to boil our eggs, or make our coffee. Most of us, at least in most cities in America, are fortunate enough to be able to turn on a tap and access plentiful,