A Healing Journey

New Hanover Regional Medical Center

Zimmer Cancer Center

For those facing a diagnosis of cancer, new research, treatment protocols, and technology offer more hope than ever before. With leading-edge research and new therapies being discovered every day, the odds of healing and recovery after cancer are very optimistic.

Improved treatment options offer hope and reassurance, but facing an illness is never easy.  The design of our healthcare facilities can play a huge role in reducing fear and anxiety for patients and their families during a difficult time.  We can provide comfort during an uncertain journey, and perhaps speed healing, provide support for caregivers, and create a space in which to breathe.

To address these important needs, New Hanover Regional Medical Center (NHRMC) planned a major addition and renovation project which would merge its existing hospital-based Zimmer Cancer Center with a local oncology practice. The resulting building provides a serene, comforting, daylight environment housing 51,000 SF of leading-edge treatment spaces. The program includes a reception and registration area, exam rooms, infusion bays, pharmacy, and Inspiration Center.

In an effort to understand the unique issues and priorities of the client, the design engaged with healthcare providers, patients, and their families, facilitating several different focus groups for stakeholder input. Through this process, the nursing staff and a patient advisory committee generously shared their knowledge and personal stories to help the architects design the best possible spaces for healing.

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