UNC Greensboro Nursing & Instructional Building Focus on the Framework UNC Greensboro’s new 180,000 SF Nursing & Instructional Building is tailor-made to support the wide variety of instructional modalities required for an intensive, hands-on nursing, health sciences, and sciences education. Designed by LS3P in association with SmithGroup, the building provides state-of-the-art simulation, research, and classroom space for UNCG’s School of
Higher Education College & University Portfolio Colleges and universities encompass a multifaceted student experience. A thriving campus supports academics, social opportunities, athletics, and professional development within a diverse community of learners; we design buildings that foster community, strengthen interaction between students and faculty, and encourage learning and leadership. Read more...
Healthcare by Design Medical Office Buildings In this evolving healthcare climate which relies increasingly on outpatient care, spaces designed for maximum efficiency, flexibility, and patient comfort are critical to project success. The health care market encompasses diverse populations, and different practices will have very different needs; however, working within proven design parameters, we can tailor a Medical Office Building’s design
The Southeast's Affordable Housing Crisis by Andrea L. Gomez, National Organization of Minority Architects (NOMA) Fellow, with guidance from LS3P Rising land values, stagnant working class wages, lack of transportation options, zoning laws, “not in my backyard” mentalities, gentrification, reverse white flight or new attraction to urban living, developers not partaking, and lack of federal funding are just some factors
2021 Year in Review 2021 was a long year. A pandemic peak, a national crisis, an inauguration. Massive vaccine campaigns, renewed optimism, an early summer teaser of a return to normalcy, and the Delta variant. Simultaneous climate events, in-person weddings and reunions, supply chain roller coasters. A ship stuck in the Suez Canal. Overdue vacations, thoroughly enjoyed. A rover and
Better Than Normal The evolution of the office continues Each company comes with its own vision and priorities, and a unique set of processes, tasks, and traditions. For many companies, the office is more than a place to do work; it is also a place to build and communicate a strong team culture. It’s a place for inspiration, collaboration, and
New Life for Old Structures Adaptive Reuse Read more here...
Considerations for Wood Framing in Healthcare Buildings by Laura McLeod, AIA The purpose of this white paper is to outline key design considerations for an I-2 Occupancy building using Type VA construction, and discuss when this type of construction can be considered. The content of this paper is primarily based on experience and lessons learned through the design of an
Modern Minds MUSC Brain Health Where do we go when we need to relax, recharge, and quiet our busy minds? For some, it may be the comforts of home we crave - a soft couch, a private space, and an environment we can control. For others, it might be a spa - serenity, soft colors, and gentle light. Some may
Centene East Coast Headquarters This new East Coast headquarters for Centene, a pioneering, multi-national health care enterprise, preserves the site’s natural beauty and advances the client’s mission to transform the health of our community. Located on a desirable 80-acre site in Uptown Charlotte’s University Research Park, the new campus paves the way for the next generation of offices focused on top-tier