Principal for a Day Hosted by Wilmington Chamber of Commerce and New Hanover County Schools

Matt Bramstedt and Bobby Croghan participated in “Principal for a Day” sponsored by the Wilmington Chamber of Commerce and New Hanover County Schools.

They both shadowed Principals, Matt shadowed Debra Calvert of College Park Elementary School, and Bobby shadowed Brad Lewis at Holly Shelter Middle School. The idea was to discuss experiences and strengthen the relationship between our schools and community. Matt and Bobby then discussed opportunities that the business community can provide schools, what they learned from their experience, and what they thought the community may not know about the daily experience of schools based on their short-lived day. It was an eye opening experience, especially for those who don’t have kids, stated Bobby!

From Matt’s eyes, the kids welcomed him into the school with an artistic poster and lots of smiles, waves, and a few hugs. Mrs. Calvert engaged the kids, her staff, and parents throughout the morning for an action-packed experience. Matt was impressed at the level of detail that the teachers and staff methodically work through each day to provide individualized learning approaches for each student so each child has the best opportunity to succeed in their education and their relationships. With the opportunity for sharing and reflecting, their time together with all the principals and volunteers over lunch created new opportunities for partnerships. “We all left with a greater appreciation for our principals, teachers, and students and a refreshed understanding of the intentionality that our school leaders bring to our children. As community and business partners, we are charged with an individual mandate to take one action step towards engaging our schools and look forward to doing this again to continue making great progress.”