The Best is Yet to Be

Carolina Bay Continuing Care Retirement Community

The good news is that we’re in good company. The American population, on average, is older than it used to be. As the Baby Boomers edge into their senior years, the 65+ demographic will continue to grow. Right now, one in every seven Americans is a senior citizen. By 2030, it will be nearly one in five.

The better news? Multiple studies show that our senior years may be our happiest. Surprised? Consider this: after the struggles of youth and the stresses of middle age, many find that the Golden Years bring new interests, stronger relationships, more security, a better sense of perspective, and the freedom to pursue one’s passions. Happiness, it seems, is generally graphed as a U-curve across our lives. For those on the downward slope, don’t fret: starting at age 50, happiness levels tend to climb significantly with each passing decade.

How, then, should we plan to enjoy these senior years? LS3P’s Wilmington office has some ideas. A design team led by Chris Boney recently completed the first phases of Carolina Bay, a Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC) in the thriving Autumn Hall mixed-use development. The developer, Liberty Healthcare, hired LS3P as Architect of Record and Brown Craig Turner Architects for the master planning and design of this multi-phase development at the forefront of senior living trends.

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