D. Patterson Campbell

Senior Designer

Associate Principal

Associate Principal and Senior Designer Patterson Campbell is focused on honoring the needs, vision, and context of each client. Patterson is uniquely skilled in attuned listening, and can coax ideas from the client, understand their intent, analyze their needs, and guide them into planning strategies. Using an iterative process of presentation and review, Patterson has a keen capability of distilling complex problems into simple solutions and transforming ordinary projects into unique, dynamic designs.

Patterson possesses exemplary graphics skills and always designs while thinking in 3D and offers compelling hand sketches, clay modeling, virtual modeling, animation, and other media that help clients visualize and experience space and aesthetics. Patterson’s award-winning portfolio of international and domestic designs includes corporate office, investment office, academic classroom, civic, urban planning, interior design and other projects. He inaugurated and leads the in-house Design Club, a peer-to-peer program that coaches, challenges, and inspires architects in the creative design process.