Minnie Evans Performing Arts Center

Eugene Ashley High School Gymnasium

Charles P. Middle School Gymnasium

Multi-School Campus at Veterans Park:
Edwin A. Anderson Elementary, Murray Middle, Eugene Ashley High School
and Minnie Evans Performing Arts Center

Wilmington, NC

This joint venture between the New Hanover Board of Education and the New Hanover County Commissioners created an educational campus within a county park setting, with facilities designed for both student and community use. The campus features a 1,600-student high school, a 1,000-student middle school, a 600-student elementary school, and a 1,000-seat auditorium.

The “schools in a park” concept provides extensive recreational facilities for the campus and for the wider community. The campus is a resource for the southern part of the county, offering community access to the performing arts auditorium, gymnasiums, athletic fields, and meeting spaces. The buildings also serve as an emergency shelter and staging area during hurricanes.