UNC Charlotte Bioinformatics Center

Charlotte, NC

The Bioinformatics Center is a four-story, 94,000 SF teaching research building on the campus of the Charlotte Research Institute. Traditional in style, the multi-functional facility focuses on interdisciplinary academic and entrepreneurial programs. The facility includes dry and wet laboratories, offices, general instruction classrooms, seminar rooms, conference spaces, library, lounge, and related support spaces. Tenant space for research will bring together University and non-University activity for development of a marketable idea or product. The center also supports the North Carolina Research Center in Kannapolis, NC, through biotechnology efforts in plant genomics, health and gene-related research.

LS3P ASSOCIATES LTD. was assisted by HERA, Inc., laboratory design specialists, who programmed the center to accommodate three functional groups including computational chemistry, statistical genetics, and systems biology. LEED® Silver Certified.


RECOGNITIONS: LEED® Silver Certified


SF: 97,090