Spectrum Center Flight Deck Restaurant

Charlotte, NC

The Flight Deck is the arena’s restaurant available to all premium and luxury ticket holders. The interior renovation refreshes 10,000 square feet of space for dining and socializing and heightens a patron’s sense of a special event experience. Appealing furnishings, new finishes, a two-story volume and eye-catching architectural lighting are visual cues that energize the space.

Guests can now enter the restaurant from the suites level above via a new convenience stair. New glass railing panels along the suites level increase visibility into the restaurant. A “front porch” landing with lounge seating overlooks the court.

Energy efficient accent lighting in the columns and large hexagonal (honeycomb-shape) pendent lighting provide a visual connection to both the court and suites levels.

The removal of the server station and sinks in front of the kitchen opens up views to behind-the-scenes food preparation and culinary theater. A new flexible, 1,475 square foot multipurpose space accommodates large groups for private events and can be isolated from the restaurant with an operable fold wall system.