Sandhills Center Child and Adolescent FBC

Greensboro NC

Three entities – Cone Health, Guilford County, and Sandhills Center – formed a unique partnership dedicated to expanding behavioral healthcare services in the community. Working with healthcare providers Cone Health and Alexander Youth Network, and with input from North Carolina’s Department of Health and Human Services, and architecture firms LS3P and TFF Architects, the team envisioned the Guilford County Crisis Center: a place where children, adolescents, and adults could come to receive walk-in care, residential treatment, and outpatient services. This innovative model of behavioral healthcare delivery is built upon best practices for providing integrated care while reducing stigma for those seeking behavioral healthcare. The means that patients seeking treatment for behavioral health conditions can also get assistance with routine medical needs such as managing blood pressure or refilling prescriptions for chronic conditions without having to visit multiple clinics.

Sandhills Center has developed a 16-bed child and adolescent FBC center on these co-located sites. Alexander Youth Network is contracted by Sandhills Center to provide services.