Renewable Water Resources (ReWa) Environmental Laboratory

Greenville, SC

This new facility for Renewable Water Resources (ReWa), a water reclamation organization serving the Greenville, SC area, appears to grow out of the land on its grassy site. The client wanted the design to create tangible connections between ReWa and the community, and needed the building to serve both public and industrial functions.

Clarity and simplicity drove the design, creating a high performance building which is at once functional and beautiful. The materials palette of stone, metal panel, and glass creates a modern aesthetic for a utilitarian building. The long, linear form integrates fully into its site; generous horizontal bands of rhythmic windows allow daylight into the building while emphasizing the elongated form.

From the exterior, the building is welcoming and visible from a prominent street and helps reflect ReWa’s brand and mission to the community. The project also claimed a previously underutilized site, bringing a new energy to its neighborhood. Inside, the design provides flexibility for multiple uses with a layout that clearly delineates public and educational areas from secure back-of-house areas. A wide sheltered porch helps connect the indoors and outdoors while creating a shaded gathering space for employees and visitors alike.

RECOGNITIONS: LEED Certified; ASHRAE Chapter Technology Award for New Commercial Building Nathaniel Jabs Charleston Chapter