Live Oak Bank II

Wilmington, NC

Designed for integration into its environment, this 55,000 SF office building for Live Oak Bank captures views from every workspace, preserving as much of the undisturbed site as possible while seeking to provide a superior workplace environment for all employees. The slender, canted building takes advantage of optimal daylighting and passive solar design. Features include an employee restaurant, an amenity lake, integrated technology, open workspaces with natural light and expansive views, and onsite walking trails.

The building expands the existing Live Oak campus, which sits on an oasis of long leaf pine forest in the heart of Wilmington. The design maintained the owner’s goal to preserve the longleaf pines and live oaks growing on the previously undeveloped site with facilities which “sit lightly on the land.” The exterior materials palette of locally-sourced cypress siding and high-performance glass helps the structure to blend into the environment.

Because natural light and views for every employee were key design goals, the slender building form is angled to capture northern light and views of the lake. The distinction between inside and outside is further softened by shaded terraces, active walkways and decks through the courtyard, balconies, and a cypress exterior which will gently weather over time and further integrate the building into its site.

RECOGNITIONS: 2020 AIA North Carolina Merit Award; Wood Design Awards, Best Mid-Rise Commercial; AIA Wilmington Highest Honor Award