Oscar Meadow at Unity Park

Greenville, SC

Oscar Meadow is a partnership between the Greenville Housing Fund, City of Greenville Community Development, Falcon Development, and Jordan Construction Company. The goal is to develop 48 units of affordable housing near the city’s new Unity Park. The development will be three stories and will have 16 two-bedroom apartments and 32 one-bedroom apartments at approximately 1,225 SF and 600 SF, respectively. The development will serve households earning 60 to 80% AMI (Average Median Income). The design will conform to the city’s new Unity Park Zoning Code, which is a hybrid Euclidian and form-based ordinance that favors traditional urban development patterns, fosters walkability, and reduces reliance on automobiles. An existing adjacent townhome development in the Craftsman style is the primary built context to which the new design must relate.