New Hanover High School Renovation & Addition

Wilmington, NC

A 150,000 SF renovation and 8,000 SF addition to New Hanover High School upgraded finishes, replaced mechanical systems, and addressed accessibility issues in this 1924 building. In continuous service since it was designed by LS3P (then Boney Architects) 75 years earlier, the building required significant improvements to bring it up to date.

The extensive renovation program included reconfiguration of all interior partitions, replacement of all finishes, abatement of asbestos and lead paint, replacement of mechanical and plumbing systems, and upgrades to electrical/telecommunications/data systems. Exterior improvements consisted of window replacements, re-roofing, and selective restoration of terra cotta and brick exterior finishes. Special work included spray-on fireproofing, science casework, photo lab casework, laminated casework, media center furniture and a wheelchair lift. An 8,000 SF addition was constructed for new mechanical equipment.