McLeod Behavioral Health

Florence, SC

The addition of McLeod Behavioral Health 23-bed inpatient facility will provide McLeod Hospital with a new psychiatric care facility at Wilson Hospital, a satellite facility. This addition includes inpatient rooms, two seclusion rooms, a nurse station and support, and facilities for outpatient care.

Within the inpatient nursing unit exists two living room areas which can accommodate dining, social event, and group therapy in an open environment that encourages patient interaction while offering observation from the centrally located nurse station. The plan of the unit and location of cross-corridor doors allows parts of the unit to be segregated or “closed-off” into pods, depending on patient population and/or a range of acuity levels.

Multiple courtyards have also been provided to encourage interaction and activity out of doors that accommodate patients with different levels of acuity and social interaction. The courtyards also offer security and privacy for the patients as well as visibility from the nurses station and the indoor unit.


ASSOCIATE ARCHITECT: Key Collins Architects

SF: 24,000