Live Oak Bank Campus

Wilmington, NC

This unique campus for a bank headquarters originated from the owner’s desire to create a superior workplace environment for employees, and is inspired by the idea of buildings which “sit lightly on the land.” The resulting design disturbs as little earth as possible, integrating native features of the coastal landscape and capturing views to nature from every office while preserving the site’s longleaf pines and live oaks.

Natural light and views for every employee were critical design goals, so the office wings are long and slender with interior glass walls for transparency throughout the building. The distinction between inside and outside is further softened by shaded terraces,  active walkways and decks through the courtyard, a second-floor balcony,  and a cypress exterior which will gently weather over time and further integrate the building into its site. A 50-seat tiered digital conference room provides a venue for teleconferencing with satellite offices as well as employee seminars and meetings. A fitness center, exterior deck, and on-site dog park round out the list of employee amenities.


RECOGNITIONS: 2020 AIA SAR Wood Award; 2016 AIA Wilmington Design Awards (Live Oak Bank II)