Hendersonville High School

Hendersonville, NC

The advance planning effort for a comprehensive rejuvenation of Hendersonville High will prepare the campus for a new chapter of use as a leading-edge 21st century school. Hendersonville High was established in 1922 has served local students continuously for generations, and its original 800-seat auditorium has become an important community center in the heart of town.

PFA and LS3P are working closely with Henderson County Schools to define the space program to support evolving educational needs, and to develop a conceptual plan that meets those needs within the project budget on a tight schedule. Major design goals include enlarging and upgrading teaching spaces while respecting the school’s historic character, and upgrading the auditorium with a new lobby and events space for expanding community use. The proposed design is founded upon extensive discussions and field work to establish buildings which can be renovated and incorporated into the new campus plan. The design will replace many undersized freestanding additions with a single two-story building which complements the original Stillwell Building and connects it with the main gym. This addition will provide science labs, CTE classrooms, kitchen and dining areas, a media center, music rooms, an auxiliary gym, and administrative offices. The plan also shifts parking and bus drives to the northern side of the school, freeing up space in the heart of campus for a large, sheltered student courtyard or student use.