Hayes Barton Place

Raleigh, NC

Hayes Barton Place, located in the heart of Raleigh, offers a range of senior living options in close proximity to shopping, dining, recreation, and cultural options in the Village neighborhood. The development’s exterior reflects the traditional architectural context of its “Old Raleigh” neighborhood, blending the rich history of the area with a timeless interior aesthetic.

Residential options include 169 independent living units (311, 300 total SF) or 85 healthcare units (83,350 total SF). The healthcare units are divided among memory care (32 units), skilled nursing (31 units) and assisted living (22 units).

The well-appointed Commons area features spaces for dining, wellness, and activity as well and administrative and support areas; the project also includes structured parking beneath the building. Outdoor terraces and balconies help to maintain a continuous connection to the outdoors while providing natural light and views.