Furman University Lakeside Housing – Judson Hall Renovation

Greenville, SC

This phased design and construction project focused on Judson Hall, the core building of the seven-building Lakeside Housing Complex for Furman University. The renovation transformed the main entry lobby and public parlor space on the lake level.

The new design created an updated parlor space to accommodate both large and small gatherings, which includes new finishes, the modification of the lobby stair to create a more visually open double-height space, new energy efficient bay windows, upgrades to public and student room bathrooms, and renovated lounge areas.

The project also replaced the main mechanical, electrical and plumbing building systems and replaced doors, hardware, and glazing units as necessary. The facility features integrated wireless technologies. Portions of the existing waffle slab exterior canopy and outdoor lakeside patio were also demolished, with a new patio which corrects drainage issues.

The transformation also overhauled the facility’s MEP systems. The new HVAC system utilizes induction technology for increased occupant comfort and energy efficiency, with existing steam lines replaced with a new boiler system. The existing chilled water supply will be used for cooling. Existing attic ductwork was removed, and a new Dedicated Outdoor Air System (DOAS) provides fresh air delivery. The design also includes new plumbing fixtures, power distribution systems, and fire suppression systems.


SF: 40,000