Highlands Presbyterian Church

Ridgeland, MS

This 900-seat church offers elements of both traditional Presbyterian heritage and contemporary trends attractive to young families, and is designed for expansion to 1,100 seats to accommodate future growth.

The cruciform plan of the sanctuary provides a blend of contemporary fan-shaped seating along with a strong processional axis in the center of the nave, while the interior of the sanctuary features an open aesthetic with abundant natural light. The nave utilizes contemporary ceiling “clouds” configured in a vaulted shape to support lighting and acoustic systems. The state-of-the-art acoustics were carefully designed to support an ideal range of vibrant singing, congregational response, and audible speaking from the pulpit.

Central to the church campus is an open, welcoming narthex space for gathering, dining, and fellowship. This space also provides direct access to the sanctuary, children’s check-in, and adult classrooms, making it a hub for circulation. The exterior materials palette harmonizes seamlessly with existing church buildings while giving the space a strong identity as a church.

LS3P teamed with local architects/engineers Cook Douglas Farr Lemons on the design.


SIZE: 22,590 SF