Corporate Hangars

Charlotte, NC

These corporate hangar projects include both a single-story and a two-story hangar. The single-story, 45’ tall hangar accommodates four Citation Latitudes in a 37,200 SF space; the building also includes 7,326 SF of storage and support space and 8,945 SF of office space for a total of 53,471 SF. The two-story, 51’ tall PEMB hangar accommodates two Falcon 900s and one Falcon 7X in 38,814 SF, with an additional 6,092 SF of ground-floor storage and support space and 9,770 SF of office space. The second story includes 9,511 SF of office space, for a building total of 64,419 SF.

In both buildings, the public areas have a higher design aesthetic and level of finish to create a memorable passenger experience. 51 surface parking spaces support the single-story hangar, while 58 surface parking spaces support the two-story hangar; additional covered parking for both hangars is available for a premium experience.