Confidential Concept Master Plan


This project is a ~300 acre conceptual mixed-use master plan. The site today is home to a local church organization, which will be rehomed on the site along with the K-12 Christian Academy. The goal is for the project to be heavily mixed-use and walkable, with ample residential, retail, and innovation/education hubs including a innovation incubator, potential higher-ed spaces, a library, along with sports and rec centers.

The client is a partnership of a developer devoted to affordable, accessible, and great places, and the pastor of the church organization – part of a family legacy in creating community. They want this site to be an incubator for generational wealth and accessibility in a historically neglected region of the city.

Major design goals:
  1. Build Upon the Legacy of the Church Organization Community
  2. Create an Incubator for Generational Wealth
  3. Create a Place To, By, and For the Community, Prioritizing Hope
  4. Provide a Place for All Ages to Live, Work, and Play
  5. Provide Access to Daily Necessities for All Income Levels
  6. Equip the Community with Educational and Innovative Resources