Charleston Cancer Center

North Charleston, SC

The project is a collaborative effort between doctors and architects to provide an environment where architectural elements and building function inspire comfort and peace for seriously ill patients. There has been a dedicated effort to provide a “spirit of hope” within the design throughout the entire practice for the benefit of both patients and staff to fully experience.

The interior architecture introduces elements such as double height spaces and non-orthogonal corridors to create an open, flowing plan that breaks from the typical institutional feeling throughout much of the medical profession. The plan was developed to allow patients and staff an opportunity to interact in an engaging yet efficient manner. This promotion of dialogue and interaction serves as an aid to calming the fears and uncertainties of patients and their families. Other elements include a large curvilinear expanse of glass in both the waiting and reception areas. This expansive glazing provides patients and staff a tranquil view across a landscaped garden and pond beyond. The patient areas of infusion and treatment are also enclosed by arched glass forms. The focal point of these patient areas is a 1,000 SF reflecting pool fed by a double-sided glass water wall.